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Unlike other wonders of the ancient world, Pharos of Alexandria's served a utilitarian function for seafaring traders. Symbolically, its sheer grandeur served as beacon and reminder for travelers and inhabitants of the city, that Alexandria was the center of the world for its enlightenment and prosperity.

There's definitely a backstory, but symbolically it's really what Ayre Geir is all about. We're just absolutely different!

Ayre Geir

The Lighthouse

Pharos of Alexandria

Ayre Ideas

Imagine living back in Hellenistic times and being the person who proposes the idea of building a 330 foot tall structure to support a fire that would serve as beacon for sailors approaching a harbor. Ayre question is not really why or who commissioned the lighthouse, as that piece of history is well documented. Ayre question is who was the person that actually proposed such a bold and crazy idea in the first place. History seems to forget about . . .

Ayre Inventions

Imagine going to work each day and performing a routine task without the thought or consideration for improving the final outcome or operational efficiency. Ayre question is simply wouldn't that be considered a form of insanity? Wouldn't that voluntary expenditure of thoughtlessness be a violation of our basic self-interest of conserving time and energy? What has been will be again. History is quick to forget the invention of reinvention for . . .

Ayre Vision

Imagine how it's possible that some blind people from birth occasionally see full visual images in their dreams instead of the formless and empty void described in the beginning. The perception question isn't really how is this even possible, but rather how is it possible that people with 20/20 clarity lack the ability to see anything which is beyond what is directly in front of them? History or should we say society tends to skew our view of the big picture . . .

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